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Superstructural Pipes

Superstructural Pipes

PPRC – Advanced Plastic Piping Systems

Mega-Therm is one of the the leading brands in the development and manufacture of advanced plastic piping systems. Mega-Therm Polypropylene Random Copolymer piping has proved ideal for plumbing, heating, air conditioning system and for a wide range of industrial and medical uses.

Mega-Therm pipe and fittings system has earned a reputations throughout the world as a more flexible and efficient alternative to traditional materials such as cooper and steel.

System Characteristics


  • No Corrosion.
  • Long Life
  • Less Pressure Loss.
  • Low Flow Noise Level.
  • Hygienic and Non Toxic.
  • Requires no Insulation inside of the buildings.
  • Light weight saves on Labour and Time.
  • High Chemical Resistance.
  • Damage Resistance.
  • Frost Resistance.
  • Abrasion Resistance.
  • Less Condensation and Heat Loss.
  • Energy saving.


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