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Infrastructural pipes
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Infrastructural Pipes

Infrastructural Pipes

HDPE 100 Pipes

HD Polyethylene (HDPE 100) is considered as the most heavy duty amongst other types of pe pipes. Compared to PE80 & PE63, HDPE 100 is best used for water & gas mains with its maximum working pressure. It has enhanced toughness, higher permissible design strength and improved resistance to rapid crack propagation. “high strength” Hdpe 100 pipes offer the water engineer substantial benefits in performance efficiency and economy of its use.

HDPE 100 pipes are also used in various applications such as:

  • Clean water Main Networks
  • Sewage pumping mains
  • Mining İndustry
  • Fire mains
  • Chilled water
  • Submarine pipe lines
  • Industrial and chemical applications

Why High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipes ?

High Density Polyethylene pipe systems offer significant advantages over ductile iron, steel and cement systems. Some of its advantages are as follows:

1.Corrosion resistance: polyethylene is basically chemically inert. This pipe system does not rust and corrode. This system resists chemical attack from aggressive soils. There is no need for protective layer or finishing process that is required.
2.Leak tight: butt fused joints create a homogenous system. The fusion weld for this system is very strong. Therefore, unlike ring type joints or the other mechanical jointing systems, there is no risk of leakage resulting from joint distortion.
3.Optimum flow rate: smooth inside pipe surface allows for a high hazen-williams “c” factor. “c” remains constant throughout the lifetime of the system due to an innate high resistance to scale and biological build up. Polyethylene (PE) is biologically inert.
4.Excellent water hammer characteristics to withstand surges: the inherent properties of polyethylene allow the system to significantly lower the effect of surges compared to pvc and ductile iron systems.
5.Flexibility: this system allows polyethylene pipes to be coiled and supplied in length of up to 200m for small diameter pipes. This feature is one of the many contributions to cost savings during the installation process.
6.Resistance to geological conditions: a polyethylene system has inherent resistance to ground temperature fluctuations and earth instability.
7.High strain allowed virtually eliminated failure due to freezing pipes.
8.Reduced installation costs.
9.Long track record of excellent performance, fast approaching to 50 years worldwide.

Advantage of HDPE 100

  • High impact and breakage resistance.
  • Very high resistance to direct sunlight (uv resistance for long time .this is supplied by ultraviolet light resistance agent mixed to the Hdpe raw material.
  • There is no need to take protection precautions at the time of installation like cathodic protection.
  • Availability of connection at a place out of the trench.
  • Advantage of being not affected from earth movements like landslide , earthquakes , etc.
  • HDPE 100 pipes require less fittings for connection because they are elastic and in many place they do not require connection where the other types do. Because pe pipes are bendable with a radius of 20 times of its out diameter. The other pipe type do not have this advantage.
  • Advantage of mobilization of the pe pipe production facilities .this enable very big saving in transport costs for projects where large diameter pipes are required.
  • Advantage of higher durability & advantage of easy installation and transport without material loss.
  • HDPE 100 pipes do not require concrete block at the place like bending and tee separations.
  • HDPE 100 pipes do not require welding characteristics.
  • Very good adoption to earth movements.
  • Many different pressure resistance option , pe pipe can be produced resistant to 12 different pressure class from 2.5 bar up to 32 bar.
  • High resistance to chemical , not affected from corrosion , decaying and abrasion.
  • Advantage of perfect leak proof no crack no break and no deformation.
  • Advantage of safe application in irregular surface like sea, river lake passages at place where there sockets etc.
  • Availability of more than one connection method (butt welding. Electro fusion welding , push fit sockets etc.)
  • Advantage of having perfectly smooth internal surface because of this advantage of pe pipes in comparison to the other pipe types .this brings considerable saving in the overall cost of the line and the services costs.
  • HDPE 100 pipes have the advantage of very long service life under severe conditions.
  • HDPE 100 pipes are light in weight which enable the installation with high speed at places.
  • HDPE 100 pipes are elastic which is a big advantage during the earthquake or any other earth movements. This characteristics also big advantage in transport (coiling up to 125 mm diameter and in installation costs.

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