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Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes

Mega Therm Corrugated Pipes are pipes with high strength due to high rib resistance, corrosion resistance due to polyethylene, full sealing property, 50 years of life, corrosion-resistant organic composition, smooth inner surface, easily transported, economically and quickly laid. Mega Therm corrugated pipe, with its more economical, stronger and reliable structure, produces suitable solutions for your projects. Mega Therm corrugated pipes show little resistance to the fluid because the plastics are hydraulically smooth and the fluid flows with greater fill rate. This reduces the project costs by selecting a lower diameter group in the project. Corrugated pipes are much lighter than other pipes, they can be easily transported and there is no need for use of large construction equipment during assembly. There is no product loss during application. All kinds of fittings allow the special product to be produced for the project.

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